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No Collateral
*In Most Cases

Who Are We?

All Hours Bail Bonds is one of the most recognized names in the bail bonds industry with years of experience and the delivery of great and fast service. Call Mr. J himself and see how easy and quick it is to bond someone out!

Why Choose Us

We're committed to providing the best customer service and respect you and your loved ones deserve. We will not only help you bail your family or friends out of jail, but we will do it in the easiest and shortest time possible as we guide you through the entire process. Bottom line is, Mr. J and his team are here to help no matter your situation.

Payment Plans

If you do not have all of the money to bond someone out of jail, we offer No-Interest low-down payment plans that are suitable to everyone. We believe money shouldn't be an issue when it comes to bonding your loved one out! Call us today for a quick and easy bond consulation and if need ask about our payment options.

Quick Bond Consults

Know someone in jail? Give Mr. J a call and we'll gladly help you in finding out charges, bond amounts, and what your options are in terms of bonding them out!

State & Local Bonds

We can post any bond any where at any time! We service every county in Florida 24 Hours a Day.

Federal Bonds

We're able to post Federal Bonds M-F, please give our office a call to further discuss. Florida Law requires that ALL bail bondsman charge a 15% of the overall Federal Bond amount. All other bonds are the standard 10%.

Where? Lake County, FL Bail Bonds, Tavares, FL Bail Bonds, Leesburg, FL Bail Bonds, Clermont, FL Bail Bonds And ALL of Florida!